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Denise Fleming (East Bay), Chair

At our September meeting, APEP welcomed new and returning committee members. We were pleased to meet with Dr. Marquita Grenot-Scheyer, the CSU’s new Assistant Vice Chancellor for Teacher Education and Public School Programs. Dr. Genot-Scheyer brings extensive experience to her new role and APEP looks forward to working with her over the coming months, especially as we seek ways to productively address the growing teacher shortage.

Last year, APEP sponsored a number of successful ASCSU resolutions, including calls for a Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF) and for the CSU to establish a Center for the Advancement of Mathematics (analogous to the long established CSU Center for the Advancement of Reading).
The CSU moved quickly to establish the QRTF and, under the able leadership of co-chairs, Dr. Steven Filling (Stanislaus) and Dr. Kate Stevenson (Northridge), task force members researched, discussed, and achieved consensus on four recommendations relative to a number of complex and overlapping issues. In brief, the four recommendations include redefining quantitative reasoning, revising CSU quantitative reasoning admission and graduation requirements, ensuring equitable access and opportunity to all CSU students, and creating a CSU “Center for Advancement of Instruction in Quantitative Reasoning.” (Readers are encouraged to access the full report here).


Last year, the ASCSU passed an APEP-sponsored resolution calling for a fourth year of high school mathematics as an admission requirement for the CSU; the QRTF Report also includes this recommendation. Successful implementation of any of these changes will require extensive discussions and planning with our K-12 colleagues and other constituencies. We hope to work closely with our colleagues in the Chancellor’s Office throughout the process. In any case, APEP will monitor next steps and, as appropriate, offer resolutions to the ASCSU aimed at ensuring equitable access, adequate resources, and collaborative professional development.

APEP members welcome your comments and questions. Please email