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The California State University Emeriti and Retired Faculty Association (CSUERFA)
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The meeting of the State Council of CSU ERFA took place on October 22, 2016, at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona’s Kellogg West Center. The Council was addressed by Academic Senate CSU Chair Christine Miller.
The September 2016 issue of The Reporter (CSU ERFA’s regular publication) has been distributed this week and is also posted on the CSU ERFA website ( Articles include health benefits matters; long term care plans and legislative matters.
The CSU ERFA legislative Committee, led by Alan Wade, and Leni Cook, has recommended that CSU ERFA not take a position on any of the propositions on the November ballot, with the possible exception of #61 that could impose price controls on drug purchases by State agencies. This will be taken up by State Council.
The Association may initiate an on-line electronic magazine (in addition to The Reporter) that would be accessible only to members.
After a pilot study at CSU Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) in Spring Term 2016, the Executive Committee of CSU ERFA has agreed to expand the Million Shoes program, involving the collection of unwanted shoes to distribute to those in need both in the U.S. and abroad, to all campuses. Planning is underway in the Fall Term 2016, with collection beginning in Spring Term 2017.
The long service of CSU ERFA’s archivist has concluded with Judd Grenier’s retirement from the position. The new archivist is Joanna Dunkley, also from CSUDH.
Don Cameron has retired from the position of Executive Director of CSU ERFA after more than 8 years of dedicated and effective service. The CSU ERFA office remains at CSU Northridge. The new Executive Director is Harold Goldwhite (CSU Los Angeles) who also continues as CSU ERFA liaison to the ASCSU.
For more information about the Association, see CSU ERFA's website at