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Chair Soni started the meeting by welcoming Senators James Lee from San Jose and Mark Stohs from Fullerton to the committee.

In keeping with the ASCSU theme of ‘Finding the Balance,’ the Committee discussed   balancing advocacy efforts in Sacramento utilizing a standardized message versus regional/local advocacy efforts utilizing customized messages.  It was clear to the Committee that advocacy efforts would be most effective if state and regional/local efforts were combined throughout the year with advocacy in Sacramento in April culminating the thrust.  Senator Swartz from Pomona volunteered to draft a preliminary implementation plan.


Chair Soni will try to balance effectiveness and efficiency in FGA meetings by reducing presentations and allowing more time for work on resolutions and long term strategic efforts. Senator Schutte agreed to keep the Committee apprised of progress being made toward increasing tenure density and also on improving quality online education.


Assistant Vice Chancellor Ryan Storm provided an overview of the 2017-18 CSU budget request that will be an information item at the Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting next week.  The BOT will be requesting an additional $169 million over and above the $157 million already earmarked by the Governor for the CSU.  The funds are to be utilized for the Graduation Initiative 2025, enrollment growth, mandatory costs and employee compensation.   Some changes to the budget request are likely to be made prior to its approval by the BOT in November.  The request will then be forwarded to the Governor.


Newly appointed Assistant Vice Chancellor of Advocacy and State Relations, Kathleen Chavira provided a legislative update to the Committee on bills signed or pending signature by the Governor. Among the bills is the California Promise bill which focusses on four-year graduation rates at the CSU, another bill which would allow the CSU to offer the Doctorate in Audiology degree, while yet another bill which would grant the CSU authority in investing its funds in the market to obtain better returns.


The FGA Committee worked upon and finalized drafts of two resolutions for the plenary.  First was in support of Proposition 55 which will be on the November 2016 ballot. It extends the tax on ‘rich’ California residents approved under Proposition 30 that will expire.  Although there is no direct benefit to the CSU, it will fund healthcare, K-12 education and community colleges helping send better prepared students to the CSU and the UC.  It was approved by the ASCSU.


The second resolution was in response to ACR 158 which states the intent of the legislature to streamline and improve postsecondary education transfers between the three education segments in California.  The ASCSU resolution is designed to acknowledge and clarify the many processes/procedures and agreements already in place in the CSU to ease and improve student transfers. It will have a second reading in November.


Finally, the FGA Committee met with the Executive Committee Liaison Tom Krabacher and shared information between the two committees.


For more information, please contact Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee ChairPraveen Soni