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Report on Star Act Implementation - Discipline Faculty Participation Urgently Needed

Barbara Swerkes (Northridge), Transfer Project Consultant and Professor Emeritus

We are now in the sixth year of implementation of the Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR – SB 1440) Act.  This legislation mandated that the California Community Colleges (CCC) and the California State University (CSU) collaborate on the creation of Associate Degrees Designed for Transfer (ADT’s).  In response, the discipline faculty of the CCC and CSU have designed templates for the creation of degrees known as Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC’s).  There are now TMC’s for 32 of the highest demand disciplines for transfer and 3 Model Curricula. To date there are more than 2,000 Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT’s) that are based on the TMC’s.
A CCC student who has earned an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) will be granted priority admission to the CSU into a similar BA degree program with a guarantee of junior standing as long as the student meets all prescribed admission requirements.  Once admitted the student may only be required to complete 60 additional prescribed units to qualify for the “similar” baccalaureate degree.
In designing the requirements for this project faculty recognized that a critical component in assuring adequate preparation of students for successful transfer was the quality of the lower division courses.  The CCC Chancellor’s Office has agreed that no degree proposal will be approved without certification that included required courses to meet the criteria approved for inclusion as part of the TMC.  This requires that CCC and CSU faculty be willing and available for appointment as course reviewers.
There is a current critical backlog in the review of courses for the following areas due to a shortage of reviewers:


  • Agriculture - Animal Science
  • Film, TV & Electronic Media
  • Art History
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Social Justice Studies (specific courses: Introduction to Women’s Studies and Introduction to LGBTQ Studies.
If you are at all interested in serving a reviewer or know someone who is, please nominate yourself or any experienced senior rank tenured/tenure track faculty by sending your recommendation(s) to: Barbara Swerkes: