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Resolution Summaries

At their September 15th-16th 2016 Plenary, the ASCSU approved several resolutions.  Summaries of these are provided by Sonoma State University Senator Catherine Nelson

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Resolution Summaries

Receipt of the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report

Approved Unanimously

With this resolution the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) formally receives the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report and forwards it to the Chancellor’s Office with the request that discussions on implementation of the report’s recommendations begin. The resolution also thanks the task force members for their work in preparing the report.

Implementation of Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF) Recommendations That Reflect Items Previously Approved by the Academic Senate CSU

This resolution requests that the Chancellor’s Office begin implementation of those recommendations in the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report that have already been endorsed by the ASCSU.

Commendation for Vice Chancellor Lori Lamb
This ASCSU resolution commends Lori Lamb for her service as CSU Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, a position she has held since 2014.

Support of Proposition 55 on the November 2016 Ballot: Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare
Approved Unanimously

The ASCSU supports passage of Proposition 55 on the November 2016 ballot. The Proposition would extend for 12 years the income tax increases contained in Proposition 30 while eliminating that Proposition’s more regressive sales tax hike. Revenue generated by Proposition 55 would go primarily to support K-12 education and healthcare. Although it provides no direct funding for the CSU and UC, investments in K-12 education ultimately benefit the higher education segments by contributing to better prepared students and a more stable state fiscal environment.

A Commendation was offered for Senator Michael Ritter (San Francisco) who has completed his service on the ASCSU.

The full text of ASCSU resolutions is available here.



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