Academic Senate of the California State University

Meeting of February 12, 1999
CSU Headquarters, Long Beach, CA


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:45 p.m. on Friday, February 12, 1999, by Chair Gene Dinielli.

ROLL CALL: Senators and alternates (*) attending the meeting were: (Bakersfield) Jacquelyn Kegley, John Tarjan; (Chico) Samuel Edelman, Paul Spear; (Dominguez Hills) Hal Charnofsky, Dick Williams; (Fresno) James Highsmith, Lester Pincu; (Fullerton) Bill Meyer, Barry Pasternack, Sandra Sutphen*; (Hayward) Judith Stanley, Don Wort; (Humboldt) Elmo Moore; (Long Beach) Gene Dinielli, David Hood; (Los Angeles) Marshall Cates; (Maritime Academy); (Monterey Bay) J. Ken Nishita; (Northridge) Lynne Cook, Michael Reagan, Gerald Resendez; (Pomona) Rochelle Kellner, Marvin Klein; (Sacramento) Cristy Jensen, Louise Timmer; (San Bernardino) Walter Oliver, C. E. Tapie Rohm; (San Diego) Ray Boddy, David DuFault, Dan Whitney; (San Francisco) Robert Cherny, Jan Gregory; (San Jose) Timothy Hegstrom, David McNeil; (San Luis Obispo) Reginald Gooden, Tom Hale; (San Marcos) A. Sandy Parsons; (Sonoma) Peter Phillips; (Stanislaus) Pamela Russ, Mark Thompson; (Chancellor's Office) David Spence.


During the course of the meeting the Chair introduced:

Harold Goldwhite, Faculty Trustee and Professor of Chemistry, CSU Los Angeles

Gary Hammerstrom, Acting Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, CO

Terry Jones, President, California Faculty Association

Jeanne C. King, Chair, Academic Senate, CSU San Bernardino

Thomas Krabacher, Chair, Faculty Senate, CSU Sacramento

Donald Moore, Consultant, Association of California State University Professors; Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (non-voting delegate)

Sam Strafaci, Senior Director, Human Resources, Chancellor’s Office

Johnetta Anderson, Technical Assistant, Chancellor’s Office

Deborah Hennessy, Executive Director, Academic Senate CSU

José Lopez, Clerical Assistant, Academic Senate CSU

Reta Martin, Staff Assistant–Budget, Academic Senate CSU

Margaret Price, Assistant to Executive Director, Academic Senate CSU



When the contract tentative agreement was arrived at, there were some fact sheets that came from both parties. The language in the fact sheets interested the Executive Committee to a point where we asked representatives from both parties to meet with the Executive Committee to try to explain the use of such language as "systemwide criteria." David DuFault, as official CFA liaison to the Senate, came to the Executive Committee as did Sam Strafaci. Also present was Dave Spence. In that meeting we raised questions about HEERA, the ownership of criteria and standards, a look––thanks to Jim Highsmith––at the history of in-scope and out-of-scope of criteria and standards, the result of which was that both parties agreed that criteria and standards would be taken out of scope and given back to the Academic Senate CSU. We moved very fast. We asked for a small committee to help inform the Senate as it tries to meet outer imposed deadlines. Both parties want to know about the disposition of our study proposal of criteria and standards by the 21st of this month so that both parties can consider what the Senate has or has not done––that’s up to the body––before February 28.

Although, some people might contest this, the general view was that four years ago, both parties agreed that there would not be enough time to send the matter of criteria and standards to the Academic Senate and, in effect, took it out of scope in place of in scope. The argument––well received by both parties, I might add––made in front of them a week ago was, under HEERA, criteria and standards rightfully belongs with the Senate. Agreeing to that, they also said that time was of the essence, and so forth. As Ray Boddy said, we have a victory but we can’t savor it. Before you today is the proposal of the subcommittee that was created by the Executive Committee. The subcommittee has three people in it, two former members of our own Merit Pay Task Force––Senators Whitney and Charnofsky––and our Immediate Past Chair, Jim Highsmith. What they have come up with will come before you or probably has come before you, as a floor resolution. The body, of course, will decide what it will do and may even deal with the larger questions about whether we have time to be responsible.

The resolution sets up criteria, gives the campus senates the role in setting standards, continues the responsibility that the statewide Academic Senate has in terms of criteria and standards, and proposes a review of this approach towards criteria and standards; moves criteria and standards out from under any kind of negotiable on-the-table item and places them under the Senate. The resolution proposes to provide substitute language for 31.14, which is part of the tentative agreement, found on the third page of the resolution.

* * * * *







RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University adopt and urge the Chancellor and Board of Trustees to adopt the following criteria and standards for Faculty Merit Increases (provided in Article 31 of the Unit 3 MOU) as applicable to the increases granted effective July 1, 1998, and July 1, 1999. The Academic Senate CSU shall reexamine the criteria and standards for Faculty Merit Increase cycles effective July 1, 2000, and thereafter following its evaluation of the effectiveness of the Spring 1999 campus processes.

Teaching is at the center of any system of merit increases. Faculty Merit Increases may be granted for:

• the quality of the unit member's teaching alone;

• teaching and scholarship;

• teaching and service to the University and community; or

• teaching, scholarship, and service to the University and community.

Faculty unit employees whose work assignments do not encompass all the criteria (e.g., lecturers, coaches, department chairs, librarians) shall be eligible for Faculty Merit Increases on the basis of their performance in their particular work assignments.

Teaching is broad and inclusive. Teaching encompasses instruction and such activities as advising, mentoring, supervision (e.g., individual studies, thesis direction, field supervision), and a range of contributions to improving student learning (e.g., curriculum revision, course and program coordination, assessment of learning outcomes, and applications of technology).

Scholarship is also broad. Scholarship includes discovery (traditionally labeled research, especially published or presented to professional audiences), integration (e.g., inter- or cross-disciplinary efforts), application (e.g., used in teaching or solving social, community, or technical problems), and creative activity (e.g., works of art, performances).

Service to the University and community is likewise broad. Service to the University and community includes the activity necessary to the faculty role in shared governance of the institution (CSU and its campuses) and activity applying the unit employee's expertise to benefit the University and its community in general. Examples of service include significant committee work; student outreach and retention; participation in university and community organizations, professional associations, California Faculty Association, and appropriate governmental boards and commissions; advancement of public support for the University; and lectures and seminars to community groups.

Campus Senates shall immediately develop, and report to the Academic Senate CSU, the standards of performance for implementing the criteria established above.

RATIONALE: The Academic Senate CSU was asked by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and the California Faculty Association to develop standards and criteria for the awarding of Faculty Merit Increases consistent with the Academic Senate’s responsibility under HEERA. The above standards and criteria are developed to implement Article 31, section 31.14 of the Unit 3 Tentative Agreement.

Senator Whitney moved (Charnofsky seconded) the resolution.

Senator Whitney moved (Spear seconded) to waive the rules to take action on the resolution at the present meeting. Motion carried.

Senator Highsmith moved (Kegley seconded) to amend by adding clarifying language: in the first paragraph of the Resolved clause after "adopt" add "and urge the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to adopt"; after "July 1, 1998" add "and July 1, 1999"; insert "cycles" after "Merit Increase"; and change "1999" to "2000" before "and thereafter." In the last paragraph of the Resolved clause, add "immediately" before "develop." In the first paragraph of the Resolved clause substitute "reexamine" for "determine." Also add after "determined" in the second part of the Rationale "through exercise of joint responsibility of" before "Academic Senate CSU" and following add "and the Board of Trustees."

Senator Cherny moved (Whitney seconded) to amend the Highsmith motion by deleting everything in the Rationale after "Tentative Agreement." Motion carried.

The Highsmith amendment carried.

Senator Charnofsky requested consent to make the following change: in the third paragraph of the Resolved clause to add "do not include full-time teaching and tenure-track positions" in place of "are limited." There was objection.

Senator Highsmith moved (Charnofsky seconded) to add the language "do not encompass all the criteria" in place of "are limited." Motion carried.

Senator Charnofsky requested consent to make the following change: in the fifth paragraph of the Resolved clause to add "of art" after "works." There were no objections.

Senator Pasternack moved (Meyer seconded) to add "delivery of instruction" after "mentoring" in the fourth paragraph in the Resolved clause.

Senator Highsmith requested consent to retain "instruction" but delete "delivery of" and insert it at beginning of list.

Senator Cates moved (Whitney seconded) to amend the amendment by using the word "also" after "teaching" and before "encompasses." Motion failed

Senator Hale requested consent to move "instruction and" to follow "encompasses." The Pasternack amendment, so revised, was approved.

Senator Cherny moved (Edelman seconded) to add "to the University community" after "service" (in both sentences) in the sixth paragraph of the Resolved clause; to add semi-colons where needed; and add ", professional associations, California Faculty Association," after "community organizations."

Senator Klein requested consent to add "and the CSU," after "institution." There were no objections.

Senator Meyer requested consent to add "and its" after "University" wherever it appears in the resolution.

Senator Highsmith requested consent to use "and" and not "its" throughout the resolution; and to modify the Klein amendment to read "(CSU and its campuses)." There were no objections.

The Cherny amendment was approved.

Senator Reagan moved (Cook seconded) to add a sentence at the end of the fourth paragraph, "The primary activities and responsibilities of librarians, counselors, and coaches are construed as teaching within these criteria." Senator Cherny requested consent to add "therefore" before "construed." There were no objections.

Senator Spear moved (Charnofsky seconded) to close debate. Motion carried.

The Reagan amendment failed.

Senator Cates moved (Gregory seconded) to delete "standards of performance" in the sixth paragraph of the Resolved clause and replace it with "process." Motion failed.

Senator Wort moved (Reagan seconded) to delete the parenthetical examples from the third paragraph of the Resolved clause. Motion failed.

Senator Edelman moved (Highsmith seconded) to close debate. Motion failed.

Senator Highsmith moved (Whitney seconded) to extend debate.

Senator Nishita moved (Rohm seconded) to add "excellence in:" after "granted for:" in the second paragraph in the Resolved clause and to delete the first six words in the first bullet. Motion failed.

AS-2438-99/Floor/Charnofsky/Highsmith/Whitney motion approved.

* * * * *

The Chair declared the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, February 12, 1999.

* * * * *

Approved (or corrected)

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Gene L. Dinielli, Chair



Hal Charnofsky, Secretary



Margaret Price, Recording Secretary

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