Responses To The Crisis Facing California Higher Education:
Support For "The Golden State At Risk." A Joint Statement Prepared By The Higher Education Members Of The Education Roundtable

AS-2148-93/GA - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, "The Golden State at Risk: A Joint Statement on the Crisis Facing California Higher Education Prepared by the Higher Education Members of the Education Roundtable" was issued in February 1993 by Barry Munitz, Chancellor, The California State University; Warren H. Fox, Executive Director, California Postsecondary Education Commission; Reverend Paul L. Locatelli, President, Santa Clara University, and Chair, Executive Committee, Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities; David Mertes, Chancellor, California Community Colleges; and Jack Peltason, President, University of California; and

WHEREAS, "The Golden State At Risk" states well "the underlying principle that made [California's] prosperity possible -- widespread access to high-quality educational programs for all residents"; and

WHEREAS, "The Golden State At Risk" notes that "sadly, the past five years have seen a steady and precipitous erosion in the state financing necessary to fulfill the promise and vision contained in the Master Plan"; and

WHEREAS, "The Golden State At Risk" notes that "the true menace facing higher education is not the cyclical decline in the economy, but the structure of the state financing system itself -- a system that forces public policy decisions to divert funds away from higher education and into other state programs"; and

WHEREAS, "The Golden State At Risk" notes that "economists predict that 68 percent of the new jobs created in California in the next five years will require some college education"; and

WHEREAS, "The Golden State At Risk" notes that "if Californians are committed to creating new wealth, rather than fighting over the remaining scraps of wealth left by our predecessors, then we must all renew our historic commitment to develop and nurture our most important natural resource -- the minds of our next generation of workers"; and

WHEREAS, "The Golden State At Risk" notes that for California to maintain its prosperity and leadership, higher education must again become a state priority, observing that "as California policy makers confront the tough choices on the allocation of scarce resources, higher education must move from the bottom to among the state's highest priorities"; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse "The Golden State at Risk" as an accurate statement of current realities of California higher education, and as a sound design for California's future prosperity through a renewed commitment to adequate financial support for higher education; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate CSU commend Barry Munitz, Warren H, Fox, Reverend Paul L. Locatelli, David Mertes, and Jack Peltason for their well-crafted and well-reasoned statement, "The Golden State At Risk."

APPROVED --May 6, 1993

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