Qualified Support For AB 1464 (BRONSHVAG):
Requiring Gender Equity Course for a Teaching Credential

AS-2155-93/TE - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, AB 1464 (Bronshvag) , as introduced on March 4, 1993, would require successful completion of a course in gender equity, before an applicant could be issued a teaching credential; and

WHEREAS, The American Association of University Women issued a report, How Schools Shortchange Girls (1992), urging state certification standards for teachers should require coursework on gender issues; and

WHEREAS, As further stated in this report, school improvement efforts must include a focus on the ongoing professional development of teachers; and

WHEREAS, Ongoing professional development should include new research on gender, bias in class-room-interaction patterns, and the ways in which schools can develop and implement gender-fair multicultural curricula; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to support AB 1464 (Bronshvag) in its effort to improve state certification standards for teachers by requiring coursework on gender issues, provided the bill is amended to indicate such coursework be offered as ongoing professional development.


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