Commendation For Jack Yarnall

AS-2174-93/Humboldt Del. - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall's devotion to the California State University Senate was evident by his arrival at each meeting from behind the Redwood Curtain, through thick fog, delayed airlines, and coping with the traffic jams on the L.A. freeway (or was that on the return?); and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the Beach Town Motel, has steadfastly and resolutely remained loyal to it through name changes, desertion by other Senators, rioting in the streets, and pressure to raise his social standing, perhaps to save the Senate money but maybe the happy hour had something to do with it too; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall has been known to relax from the rigors of the Senate by building model trains, which were subsequently derailed by rowdy friends, and by swimming as a maniac in the icy cold early morning hours in the Beach Town pool; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall was known to be direct, some might even say blunt, always to the point and to the heart of all issues, with solid common sense, and a good sense of humor apparent at all times; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall had been known to say, "I can work with the Devil himself," and has; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall has preferred redundant repetitious vocalization and discussed and debated a wide variety of subjects from theoretical, pragmatic, temporal, and historic perspectives in such a way that whole organizational bodies have quietly listened, attempted to make their points, and have then fallen under the trance of Jack's continued lengthy, ongoing discourse which is in part and in length, given due recognition with the concomitant length of this whereas, ("...just let me say this one last thing about that..."); and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall's verbal reports to the Humboldt State University's Academic Senate in reporting State Senate business were at least 20 minutes longer than anybody else's has ever been; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall preferred the gourmet dining at such fine establishments as Tex-Mex, eating a super Mex burrito; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall has been recognized as one of the last genuine Humboldt State University Buffalo Heads and as a male chauvinist pig by such compliments to women, young and seasoned, as "Thanks, BABE"; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall has changed the character of all future Senate socials for ever more by serving Bambi as an hors d'oeuvre; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall's service as Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee did not result in any earthquakes, even though he recommended establishing early earthquake preparation; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall served one year as a diligent and distinguished member of the Senate Executive Committee, ever ready to tell how it was at Humboldt State University and how it should be at nineteen other venues, teaching the uninformed about the eating habits and practices of octopi, describing the sexual practices of sundry sea creatures, and learning enough at the making of "Senate sausage" to never want to eat the stuff again; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall served with dedication and fervor on the Teacher Education Committee during the last two years of his career, and in at least a few cases, single-handedly changed some of the many regulations impeding the process of teacher preparation; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall was known to actively support AS-2126-93/FA, Impact of Special Provisions of the 1992 Early Retirement Incentive Program Legislation on CSU Hiring Practices; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yarnall has refrained from flying over the "Golden Shores" in his hot air balloon while serving on the Senate, but once he has retired we expect to see him in the air haunting the Chancellor's Office with "the Dragon's Breath"; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That Senator Yarnall be entitled by his years of patronage to a lifetime pass to the Beach Town, which, due to the California State University budget shortfall, the CSU Senate will be unable to provide; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU express its deepest appreciation for dedicated and thoughtful service which Senator Yarnall has provided for it; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU will remember Senator Yarnall as one of the most respected people who has ever served in the Senate; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU commend Senator Yarnall for always insisting on dealing with the full collegial process and not just the "Senate process" nor just the "CFA process"; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU wish Jack and Maureen the best in their retirement and hope they enjoy their bicoastal lifestyle.

Approved By Acclamation - May 7, 1993

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