Implementation of Self-Study Report––Committee Structure

AS-2230-94/EX - September 9, 1994

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University affirm its support for the following changes in operation of the standing committees of the Senate for the 1994-95 year, with the understanding that Senators will have the opportunity to express their judgments of the effectiveness of these changes before operational plans for 1995-96 are finalized. The standing committees on Academic Affairs, Statewide and International Programs, and Teacher Education shall meet as a Joint Committee, with the Statewide and International Programs, and Teacher Education Committees each being represented by two specialists on the Joint Committee.

RATIONALE: This is an implementation of the recommendations of the Self-Study Committee to streamline the standing committee structure and reduce the sizes of committees. It does not require immediate changes in the By-laws of the Senate.

APPROVED -- September 9, 1994

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