Support for Continuation of Experiment on College
Preparatory Course Requirements

AS-2244-95/AA - January 19-20, 1995

ATTACHMENT TO AS-2244-95/AA (.pdf)

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University support the recommendation of the Admission Advisory Council that the Chancellor "Authorize all CSU campuses to admit the 1995-96 academic year through the 1997-98 academic year applicants completing either the CSU or the UC college preparatory course requirements while discussions within CSU and between CSU and UC are conducted."; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU urge the Chancellor to collect data during the three-year experiment in which both CSU and UC college preparatory patterns are accepted which will allow evaluation of the impact of this experiment on completion by students of the CSU pattern.

RATIONALE: The campuses are receiving a significant number of applications for admission from students who have completed the UC college preparatory pattern and who lack the CSU Visual and Performing Arts admission requirement.

This three-year period will allow the CSU to engage in discourse with the UC about resolving the dilemma resulting from the two similar but different sets of college preparatory requirements. It will also allow collection of data on the impact of the different requirements on student course preparatory patterns.

APPROVED -- January 19-20, 1995

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