Identification Of Courses Meeting The
Visual And Performing Arts Admissions Requirement

AS-2247-95/AA - January 19-20, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor to endorse the recommendation of the CSU Admissions Advisory Council* which "modifies the manner in which visual and performing arts courses are identified by accepting courses that, in the judgment of the high schools that offer them, meet the standards articulated in the California Department of Education's Visual and Performing Arts Framework."

RATIONALE: One unit of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) is among the 15 preparatory units required for admission to the CSU. Since 1992, during the phase-in period of the requirements, applicants were permitted to offset a one-unit shortage in one subject area (other than mathematics or English) by completing an additional unit in another subject area. Beginning Fall 1995 students will be required to meet all 15 preparatory units for admission.

During the implementation phase of CSU admission requirements, CSU has accepted preparatory courses developed by the high schools which met the University of California's standards (a-f) for preparatory coursework. The only preparatory unit required by the CSU for admissions that is not required by the UC is visual and Performing Arts. To help high schools develop courses meeting the VPA requirement, the CSU has periodically forwarded to high schools guidelines and examples of course titles which would and would not meet CSU’s requirement CSU School and College Review. High school faculty and counselors have expressed concern over the difficulty in identifying courses meeting the VPA requirement. It is incumbent, therefore, for the CSU to develop a means whereby high schools can be provided with more specific standards to help in developing courses which meet the CSU’s VPA admissions requirement.

The California Department of Education develops frameworks in subject matter areas which are designed to provide guidelines for high schools to develop curricula of high quality. The Visual and Performing Arts Framework for California Public Schools Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve advises high schools that courses in the arts should be studied from four aspects: artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, and aesthetic valuing.

* 11/29/94 letter to the Chancellor from the Chair of Admissions Advisory Council


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