Targeted Initiatives - 1995-96

AS-2264-95/AA - March 9-10, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge that Senior Vice Chancellor Peter Hoff adopt the following as Targeted Initiatives for the Academic Year 1995-96.

1 Facilitating Interaction and Cooperation Between All University Faculty and the Faculty of K-12.

2. Managing Quality Instruction in an Adverse University Environment (e.g., non-replacement of tenure-track faculty, class size, SFR, mode and level, workload, decaying physical environment, minimal equipment, inadequate equipment replacement budget).

3. Access to the University, (e.g., increasing costs and fees, differential fees, legal status, affirmative action, user-friendliness).

4. The CSU mission for International Education.

RATIONALE: These issues, in our judgment, are among those that are of concern to the faculty at this time and are issues which will have a significant impact on the future course of the California State University. These issues also are appropriate to intensive faculty study, expertise and advice.


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