Opposition to AB 445 (Archie-Hudson)
Community Colleges and the
California State University

AS-2279-95/AA - May 4-5, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University oppose

AB 445 (Archie-Hudson) which proposes that the California Community College Districts may enter into an agreement with one or more campuses of the California State University to offer upper-division undergraduate courses and to confer the Baccalaureate degree.


1) The fee structure is quite different at the two institutions and it is proposed to average the fee which will be less than presently charged at the CSU.

2) The terminal degree requirement for faculty at the CCC is not the same as that for the CSU since they have not been offering upper-division courses.

3) This may well lead to duplication of coursework at the two institutions.

4) One must be concerned about the community college facilities that are available, such as labs and library holdings.

5) Who will offer courses remains unclear.

6) Record-keeping is potentially a problem.

7) There is no demonstration of need.

8) It is in conflict with the Academic Senate CSU White Paper, The Necessity of Lower-Division Education to the CSU (Attachment to AS-2134-93/AA).


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