MOU Provisions for Advancement on the Salary Scale

AS-2280-95/FA - May 4-5, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University strongly urge the CFA, and call on the Chancellor to urge the Board of Trustees, to reach an agreement on the provisions of the MOU related to advancement on the salary scale which satisfies the following criteria:

(1) Provision should be made to honor implied commitments made to junior faculty at the time of appointment with regard to conditions for evaluation and advancement on the salary scale;

(2) The system devised should ensure that faculty progress within rank on the basis of their accomplishments, as measured by agreed upon standards, and should not impose conditions that will repeatedly pit faculty against each other for meager salary increments;

(3) The salary scale should not significantly slow faculty in their progress through the ranks of the professoriate, thereby jeopardizing the ability of the CSU to recruit and retain a high quality faculty;

(4) The number of evaluations required for advancing on the salary scale should not increase significantly the amount of time and effort required to prepare and evaluate faculty portfolios, nor require additional resources for administrative implementation;

(5) The interval between required evaluations should be sufficient to allow faculty members to improve their performance before preparing new documentation for evaluations;

(6) Provisions should be included which make a campus administrator's decision in the evaluation process to be grievable; and

(7) Sufficient time should be provided to allow campus senates to develop evaluation criteria and procedures related to any new requirements for advancement on the salary scale.


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