Revision of By-Laws

AS-2296-95/EX - September 7-8, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University change its By-laws: by renaming the governmental affairs committee the Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee; by eliminating the committee on statewide and international programs and assigning its responsibilities to the Academic Affairs Committee; by renaming the teacher education committee the Committee on Teacher Education and K-12 Relations, by deleting the Affirmative Action Specialist, the Budget and Finance Specialist, and the Student Affairs Specialist and their responsibilities, and by providing for the appointment of specialists with designated duties as determined by the Executive Committee.

RATIONALE: During the 1995 Academic Senate CSU retreat, the senators recommended:

a) expanding the responsibilities of the Governmental Affairs Committee to include fiscal affairs;

b) expanding the responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Committee to include the responsibilities formerly charged to CSIP;

c) maintaining and expanding the scope of the Teacher Education Committee to incorporate concerns relating to K-12 education.

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY -- November 2-3, 1995

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