Student Voter Registration and Participation

AS-2304-95/F&GA - November 2-3, 1995

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Board of Trustees to support civic involvement, good citizenship and political participation among CSU students by encouraging each university president to:

1. distribute voter registration materials through campus infrastructure, such as class schedules; and,

2. supply Vote-by-Mail cards campus-wide through residential life and other student oriented programs; and,

3. implement steps to establish polling places on campus

RATIONALE: The demographics of CSU students (high mobility, low wages, single status, etc.) act to depress voter registration and voter participation. Studies suggest that when students can overcome these barriers to registration, their voting rates approximate those of the general population. Greater student voter registration and political participation enhances civic involvement and good citizenship. It can facilitate political education among students and enrich political discourse. It is consonant with the 1985 mission statement of the Board of Trustees which supported the goal of preparing "significant numbers of educated, responsible people to contribute to California's schools, economy, culture and future." The Governor has stated that governing boards, such as the CSU Board of Trustees, "should retain the authority to determine their policy regarding voter registration."

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY -- January 18-19, 1996

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