1997-1998 CSU Budget Priorities

AS-2317-96/F&GA - March 7-8, 1996

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University strongly urge the Chancellor to recommend to the Board of Trustees in rank order the following Budget Priorities for 1997-1998.

• Close CPEC compensation gap within a targeted time frame (two-to-three years), as a priority investment in the quality of our human capital and as a necessary factor in enhancing recruitment efforts.

• Increase resources available for student financial aid.

• Invest in professional development in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of the educational experience.

• Close the identified academic and technological support gap within five years in order to assist the CSU in meeting infrastructure requirements necessary to provide, in an efficient manner, a quality educational experience for CSU students.

• Close the accumulated gap in our physical plant and maintenance needs within a targeted time frame, and develop alternative sources of revenue for physical plant needs.

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate CSU urge the Chancellor to also consider the following:

• developing multi-year strategies for management of anticipated enrollment growth.

• identifying means of increasing operating efficiencies by three-to-five percent over a three-year period for the purposes of freeing revenues for academic enhancement.

RATIONALE: The Academic Senate of the California State University has been asked to provide input on budget priorities for 1997-1998. This represents the first time the Senate has been invited to participate in the budget planning process prior to discussions within the system Budget Advisory Committee. The Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee has become thoroughly familiar with CSU budgets for 1995-1996 and 1996-1997 and has consulted extensively with the Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs and his staff about current and anticipated future needs. The priorities identified reflect consensus on needs of the system and campuses as a whole rather than on individual needs of particular campuses. As a framework for the construction of the CSU budget, the committee strongly believes the five rank ordered budget priorities will best meet the needs of the faculty, staff and students of the university.

APPROVED -- May 9-10, 1996

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