Recommendations Regarding Technology Mediated Instruction in the CSU

AS-2322-96/AA/TEKR - March 7-8, 1996

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse and adopt the following recommendations regarding Technology Mediated Instruction in the CSU:

1. Campus senates should develop policy guidelines and procedures regarding the implementation of technology mediated instruction. The guidelines should address such areas as course selection, instructional design, access to learning resources (e.g., library holdings), instructional methodology, student-faculty interaction, and assessment and accreditation.

2. Campuses should consider the use of technology mediated instruction to facilitate the sharing of instructional modules, courses, and academic programs where appropriate. Given the number of unresolved issues in this area, the Chancellor should work with the Academic Senate CSU to develop policies requiring specific agreements for sharing instructional modules, courses, and academic programs in formal memoranda of understanding.

3. Campus senates should engage in and support local and systemwide efforts to improve student and academic support services such as outreach, admission, financial aid administration, course registration, advisement, and course articulation, to facilitate inter-campus sharing of instructional modules, courses, and academic programs.

4. When developing instructional modules, courses, and academic programs to be offered at a distance (synchronously and/or asynchronously), academic departments/programs should assess

(a) the need to provide access to student populations not served by existing programs,

(b) the curricular suitability of learning at a distance,

(c) the projected program costs including the costs of equipment, faculty workload in developing materials, academic support, and student services,

(d) the availability of appropriate campus support for instructional design, technical assistance, technical support, and faculty professional development,

(e) the nature of the interaction appropriate to the accomplishment of learning objectives.

5. The Chancellor should ensure that each campus develops a strategic plan for student access to computing that includes provisions for off-campus access, networked environments appropriate to disciplines, suitably equipped learning environments (classrooms, libraries, and laboratories), and appropriate technical training.

6. The Chancellor should continue his support for faculty professional development, through the Institute for Teaching and Learning, in the implementation and use of technology mediated instruction, and for securing the necessary equipment and facilities for faculty access to technology. Such faculty professional development should include training in pedagogies and student learning styles appropriate to technology, as well as the use of technology.

7. The Academic Senate CSU, in cooperation with the Chancellor and the California Faculty Association and those faculty groups in other universities or systems of higher education who may wish to participate, should inform the faculty of the CSU in a systematic and continuous fashion of their rights and responsibilities regarding the ownership of intellectual property, including those developed for technology mediated instruction;

and be it further

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate CSU forward this resolution to the campus academic senates for consideration and endorsement.


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