1998-99 Budget Priorities

AS-2367-97/F&GA - May 8-9, 1997

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University strongly urge the Chancellor to recommend to the Board of Trustees in rank order the following Budget Priorities for 1998-99:

1. Close the CPEC-identified CSU faculty compensation gap within three years as a priority investment in the quality of our human capital and as a necessary factor in enhancing recruitment efforts.

2. Develop multi-year strategies for the management of anticipated enrollment growth which will increase administrative and budgetary flexibility for the CSU and campuses.

3. Increase resources available for student financial aid.

RATIONALE: The Academic Senate of the California State University has been asked to provide input on budget priorities for 1998-99. The Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee has reviewed the CSU Budget and has consulted with the Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance about current and anticipated future needs. We have reviewed the priorities for FY 1997-98 endorsed by the Senate last year and note positively the steps taken to address technological support needs and the accumulated gap in physical plant and maintenance referenced in last year's priorities. We continue to have serious concerns about the compensation gap for faculty and have again identified closing that gap as the number one budget priority for the 1998-99 CSU Budget.


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