Resolution in Honor of Senator Kathleen Kaiser

AS-2375-97/Chico - May 8-9, 1997

WHEREAS, Senator Kaiser has spent six illustrious and out-spoken years on the CSU Academic Senate, two years on the Academic Affairs Committee, four years on the General-Education Breadth Advisory/IGETC subcommittee with two years as its chair, two years on the International Programs subcommittee, and two years on the Student Research subcommittee; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kaiser knows thousands of acronyms for all of the CSU, UC, and Community College committees, subcommittees, and programs, including using the acronyms as nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives as in CANNING a course, IGETC you if you GETC me; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kaiser's passion and devotion for the Florida State Seminoles and Duke Blue Devils, is only exceeded by her love of the CSU (and even that is questionable); and

WHEREAS, Acute laryngitis and throat irritations never prevented Senator Kaiser from expressing herself vehemently (albeit hoarsely); and

WHEREAS, Through Senator Kaiser's devotion to a coherent but flexible General Education program has stretched from California to New York, making possible a degree program begun in the California Community College transfer with GE certification to either CSU, UC, or SUNY, with a certificate from CUNY thrown in; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kaiser has no equal when it comes to creating metaphors to explain and advocate academic policy, such as her recent statement to the CSU Chico Academic Senate: "We haven't had as healthy a growth in graduate programs in many cases as we might and I think we're in sort of the position of an ingrown toenail, sometimes you need to have an outside person say, 'Well, this needs to be cut.' And just because you're familiar with it you say, 'No, no, no, it's my toe, I'm used to it, I can live with it that way!'"; and

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