Resolution in Honor of Senator Paul Vicknair

AS-2385-97/San Bernardino - September 11-12, 1997

WHEREAS, Senator Vicknair, heretofore reputed to be of sound mind, has willingly accepted temporary demotion to the rank of Acting Dean and therefore must now take his leave of the Academic Senate of the California State University; and

WHEREAS, Senator Vicknair has faithfully represented the San Bernardino campus for three plus years now without ever revealing the name of a single presidential candidate; and

WHEREAS, The value of the focus, clarity, and wisdom of Senator Vicknair’s public remarks, both before the body and in committee, is exceeded only by the economy, brevity, and timeliness of their occurrence; and

WHEREAS, Because during his term of service he has somehow managed to sample every beer and ale produced by every brewpub within a 25-mile radius of the Chancellor's Office, he can now temporarily discontinue his heretofore frequent visits to Long Beach secure in the knowledge that he "left no drop undrunk"; and

WHEREAS, Senator Vicknair has spent so much time on the Academic Affairs Committee working with the ELM that the CSU should feel obliged to dedicate a grove of trees in his honor; and

WHEREAS, Senator Vicknair is well known in international Mathematics circles as a member of the scholarly faction that promotes the often hotly contested theory that there are only three kinds of mathematicians: those who can count and those who can’t; and

WHEREAS, Senator Vicknair's quiet competence and good, common sense – characteristics admittedly rare in a Mathematician – will be sorely missed by his Senate colleagues; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate, in recognition of his years of dedicated service, commend Senator Vicknair for his thoughtful contributions to the important work of shared academic governance; and be it further

RESOLVED: That Paul remain our colleague and friend regardless of the career path he chooses to follow in the future.

APPROVED BY ACCLAMATION – September 11-12 1997

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