Resolution in Honor of Senator Charles "Buddy" Butler

AS-2420-98/San Jose - May 7-8, 1998

WHEREAS, Charles "Buddy" Butler is an especially distinguished member of the Academic Senate of the California State University and the San Jose State University Academic Senate; and

WHEREAS, Buddy's colleagues hold him in the highest esteem for his experience and understanding of the performing arts, his bright wit, his analytic acuity, and his poise and eloquence; and

WHEREAS, These sterling qualities have contributed to his attaining an enviable professional reputation, both statewide and internationally; and

WHEREAS, Buddy's extraordinary talents have resulted in other claims being made on his time, so much so that he had a nearly perfect record of non-attendance at our meetings last year and is currently compelled to spend all of the current semester and next summer working in England; and

WHEREAS, Although we truly benefited from his participation and contributions to the Senate and its Academic Affairs Committee last semester, this did not result in his being reelected to his senatorial position; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University express its appreciation for Buddy's brief but memorable presence in the gatherings of this body; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University wish all good things to come to Charles "Buddy" Butler as he further enriches the cultural life of the planet, at the same time contributing to the academic mission of San Jose State University, Flagship Campus of the CSU.

Approved by Accalamation - May 7-8, 1998

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