Resolution in Honor of Senator David DuFault: A Bouquet

AS-2463-99/San Diego- May 6-7, 1999

WHEREAS, The Academic Senate of the California State University has moved to a format of resolve and rationale because of its conciseness; and

WHEREAS, David prefers the time tested Whereas- resolve form with its weightier ring; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend to David a bouquet of Whereas's properly preceding their resolves; and

WHEREAS, David served in the San Diego State University Senate from 1974-1980; and

WHEREAS, The SDSU Senate has term limits that permit senators to serve only two consecutive three-year terms and therefore David had to set out a year; and

WHEREAS, David returned to the SDSU Senate and served from 1981-1986; and

WHEREAS, The term limits at SDSU do not apply to Academic Senators; and

WHEREAS, David was elected to the Academic Senate in 1986 and has remained in both senates ever since; and

WHEREAS, David opposes term limits on principle and sees them as a violation of the sovereign rights of the electorate; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU proclaim David as one of its own at least until 2001 when his most recent term expires; and

WHEREAS, In addition to his great service to the Academic Senate CSU and SDSU Senate, David has served as a leader of the CFA and as its chief negotiator.  As liaison to the CFA, David has upheld the integrity of the Academic Senate within the councils of the CFA and the rights and concerns of the CFA within the Academic Senate; and

WHEREAS, David plans to end his service to the Academic Senate CSU, the SDSU Senate, the CFA, and as Chair of SDSU History Department (since 1986) to give more diligent attention to, among other places, Fiji and London; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU appoint David as its liaison to Fiji and London with all the responsibilities and privileges pertaining thereunto; and

WHEREAS, David has kept great order and clarity in the committees and the plenaries of the Academic Senate CSU––especially when system administrators speak––by exposing everyone's non-sequiturs.  He has demanded that friend and foe alike keep the proper logical connections between premises and conclusions; therefore be it

RESOLVED: Avoiding the double negative, the Academic Senate CSU present to David its Semper Sequitur Award for his great contributions to both the substance and the process of our deliberations.


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