Enrollment Management Policy in the CSU

AS-2482-00/AA - January 20-21, 2000

Attachment to AS-2482-00/AA

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Trustees of the CSU to adhere to the following principles when considering a policy for managing enrollment:

  • Maintaining a balanced program and a quality curriculum shall be the guiding principle of CSU/campus enrollment management policies and admission priorities.

  • Eligible students shall be allowed to matriculate at the campus of their choice if a place is available at that campus.

  • Campuses shall be permitted to adopt enrollment management practices (within system guidelines and through shared governance procedures) which allow them to develop, preserve, and enhance their distinctive missions, academic programs, and unique campus-based experiences for students.

    Every effort shall be made to secure sufficient funding to avoid campus impaction while maintaining quality.

    Measures taken to increase enrollment capacity shall be consistent with the maintenance of student achievement and a high quality of the students’ campus- based experiences.

    Increasing enrollment capacity implies new capital investment in classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and housing. The development of off-campus centers shall be in tandem with the development, maintenance and enhancement of CSU campus facilities.

    Increasing enrollment capacity – through scheduling more off-campus, night, weekend, and summer classes, and by increased use of technology-mediated instruction and distance education––may assist in enrollment management, but shall be done in a manner that does not increase faculty workload or limit the ability of faculty to carry out their other professional obligations, including those of scholarship and service. As new, perhaps untried, ways of increasing capacity are experimented with, the same consideration must be given to their effects on other important academic functions.

    Enrollment management criteria and procedures shall not have the effect of reducing diversity on any campus.

    "CSU eligible" shall continue to be defined the same way throughout the system.

  • Students may be given priority consideration, but not a guarantee, of admission to a local campus if attendance at a more distant campus would create a hardship.

  • Enrollment management procedures shall include broad outreach efforts to ensure diversity of applications.

RATIONALE: Enrollment management criteria and procedures can have a dramatic impact on the ability of the CSU to fulfill its mission. The faculty believes that these policies will ensure a continued commitment to quality, access, and affordability during the difficult times ahead as enrollment pressures increase.


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