Resolution in Honor of Senator Walter Oliver

AS-2502-00/San Bernardino - May 4-5, 2000

WHEREAS, Walter Oliver joined the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) in 1993 as representative of the faculty of California State University, San Bernardino; and

WHEREAS, Senator Oliver served his campus for many years as an exemplary member of the CSU San Bernardino Faculty Senate, which included three terms as Chair of the Senate, during which his vision and actions led to various strategies to improve university-wide communication among senators and their constituents (e.g., faculty retreats and fora on special topics, and a senate listserv); and

WHEREAS, The Academic Senate CSU has benefited by and suffered from Senator Oliver’s participation in numerous capacities: as Secretary of the ASCSU Executive Committee; Vice Chair of the ASCSU Academic Affairs Committee; Vice Chair of the Joint Committee of Academic Affairs, Statewide and International Programs, and Teacher Education and K-12 Relations; and member of the Subcommittee on International Applications of Information Technology; and as an active member of the CSU Virtual University Design Team and of several other systemwide and Senate committees; and

WHEREAS, The Faculty Senate at CSU San Bernardino also has alternately profited from and sometimes been forced to simply endure his perspective on systemwide politics and policies; and

WHEREAS, His fellow CSU Academic Senators will miss Walter’s announcing during roll call that he was “presente!”; and

WHEREAS, The Senate will further miss hearing and enjoying Senator Oliver’s usually eloquent soliloquies on matters before the body even when no one agreed with him; and

WHEREAS, Senator Oliver served as the Senate’s gourmand by leading hordes of hungry colleagues through the streets of Long Beach in search of the finest food (subject to his latest dietary restrictions) and the perfect glass of wine; and

WHEREAS, After hours at the Hyatt Regency Club, Senator Oliver engaged colleagues and captivated new senators via discourses on Senate politics, which became more and more unintelligible as the evening wore on; and

WHEREAS, Senator Oliver, in all of his assignments, has served with distinction providing incisive, well-articulated positions on matters before the body--sometimes accompanied by episodes of biting sarcasm and intractable stubbornness which in small children would be called tantrums; and

WHEREAS, Despite having crossed over to the “dark side,” the Academic Senate express its optimism that Walter’s present work as Director of the Strategic Language Initiative will be informed by his Senate experience, by his values as a faculty member, and by his innate and considerable intelligence and good judgment; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University consider Walter Oliver a lifelong colleague and friend, and extend sincere thanks for his hard work and many contributions to the CSU San Bernardino and statewide senates and committees; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU convey to Senator Oliver that his presence is and will be sorely missed but wish him great success in his current and subsequent endeavors.


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