Resolution in Honor of Senator Darlene Yee

AS-2505-00/San Francisco - May 4-5, 2000

WHEREAS, Darlene Yee has served the faculty, Academic Senate and the CSU energetically and thoughtfully; and

WHEREAS, Darlene has represented her campus, San Francisco State University, exceptionally well; and

WHEREAS, Darlene has brought to the Academic Senate a well-developed understanding of the need for detailed review of multitudinous CSU documents, doctrines, briefs, initiatives, position papers, etc.; and

WHEREAS, Darlene’s creativity and sensitivity including, but not limited to, scarf-tying, inform her unparalleled skill at “calling it as she sees it”; and

WHEREAS, The CSU system has benefited from her work as a faculty and senate member and will benefit in the future from her presence on and her performance with the CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) Task Force; and

WHEREAS, “Multi-tasking” and “parallel processing” are synonymous for Darlene’s routine and regular behavior such that she successfully prepared for and participated in her April 2000 wedding while teaching classes, counseling students, coordinating a national gerontology conference and communicating with Academic Affairs Committee members to ensure that her Senate responsibilities were met in a timely fashion; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend its deep gratitude and admiration for her time and labors, and its best wishes for what we hope is a merely temporary absence from our midst.


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