Support for International Education Week

AS-2515-00/Floor, Gooden McNeil - November 2-3, 2000

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University commend President William J. Clinton for the support of international education in his Executive Memorandum of April 19, 2000, in which Federal policy is established--among other things, encouraging the presence of international students in the U.S., promoting study abroad by our students, supporting the exchange of teachers and scholars, and promoting the study of foreign languages and cultures; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU join with others in support of the International Education Week of November 13-17, 2000, declared by the U.S. Departments of Education and State in response to the presidential memorandum; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU urge the California State University campuses to join in the celebration of this first-ever International Education Week.

RATIONALE: The International Education Week was declared in response to a need for increased support for international education. Additional information, including the complete text of Education Secretary Richard W. Riley's directive, is available online at

APPROVED BY ACCLAMATION - November 2-3, 2000

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