Short-Term CSU Budget Priorities for
2002-2003 and 2003-2004

AS-2572-02/FGA - May 2-3, 2002

RESOLVED: That in order to ensure that the California State University retain the ability to provide the people of California with readily accessible and high quality education in these times of high enrollment demand and extreme fiscal uncertainty, the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) endorse the following budget priorities and urge their use in potential adjustments to the 2002-2003 budget and the development of the CSU Trustees proposed budget for the 2003-2004 academic year:

  • That the CSU receive full marginal cost funding for all students that it admits.

  • That the full partnership agreement be honored, particularly those provisions addressing state funding of the CSU.

  • That sufficient resources be provided to support both the necessary searches for and the salary levels required to attract and retain high quality faculty counselors and librarians.

  • That support for CSU libraries be increased in order to begin restoring the cuts in human and information resources experienced during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

  • That the CSU seek full funding to adjust CSU faculty salaries to achieve parity with comparison institutions as established and published by the California Post-Secondary Education Commission (CPEC).

  • That budgets include funding to enable the CSU to begin reducing the current student-faculty and student tenure-track faculty ratios to levels typical before the fiscal crisis of the early 1990s, including (a) changing the formula for determining full-time equivalent graduate student enrollment from the current 15 units per term to 12 units and (b) revision of the marginal cost formula to reduce the specified student-faculty ratio to the average level of the 1980s; and be it further

RESOLVED: That these priorities be communicated by the Executive Committee to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and his staff to assure the greatest impact during the 2002 summer's decision making.

RATIONALE: The Academic Senate of the CSU recognizes that the state of California is entering a period of severe budgetary constraint and that the resources necessary to meet many of its needs will not be available for the near future. At the same time, however, the CSU is facing enrollment increases unprecedented in recent years. If the CSU is to accommodate this demand while at the same time continuing to provide all students with a quality education, it is necessary that certain minimum funding needs in areas of enrollment, faculty recruitment and retention, and library resources must be met. Without this support, the ability of the CSU to provide students a quality education is in jeopardy. Providing access to higher education without the ability to also provide a quality education ultimately serves no one, not the student, not the CSU, and not the people of California.

APPROVED - May 2-3, 2002

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