Commendation for Reginald H. Gooden - Yo

AS-2577-02/San Luis Obispo - May 2-3, 2002

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden is retiring from the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) after having served since 1985; and

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden has been an invaluable member of the Academic Affairs Committee for 16 years; and

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden, while a state senator, diligently served as an ASCSU representative on various statewide committees including the General Education Committee, the Council of Library Directors and the Academic Council for International Programs; and

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden has faithfully and fully represented Cal Poly San Luis Obispo during his tenure in the ASCSU; and

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden has frequently and poignantly raised the level of debate in the ASCSU by invoking the principals and logic of Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, and the Connecticut Compromise; and

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden has set the standards for all ASCSU senators in the areas of civility, unpretentiousness, dry humor and the judging of good ales; and

WHEREAS, Reg Gooden has been one of the principal instigators in seeing that the ASCSU observes the "Rites of Spring" with the opportunity to attend a baseball game; and

WHEREAS, Without Reg Gooden, evening meals at Rock Bottom, Belmont Brewing and Yard House will never be as enjoyable; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU express its sincere appreciation to Reg Gooden for his enlightening 17 years of service; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU wish Reg Gooden a happy, long retirement, and a hardy and lusty Cheerio!


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