Amendment to Bylaw 2a

AS-2583-02/Floor - September 13, 2002

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) adopt the following amendment to its Bylaws, as section 2a:

Bylaw 2 - Officers, Duties and Procedures for Nomination and Election
  1. Officers

    The Senate annually shall elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary; and two Members-at Large. These officers of the senate shall serve until regularly succeeded. , but for no more than two years consecutively in the same office. This limitation does not apply to members of the Executive Committee in their current positions at the time this is adopted.

RATIONALE: This addition to the bylaws sets two years as the norm for service in any given position on the Executive Committee. This is not a two-year term limit on Executive Committee service, but a limit for service in any one position. As a collegial body the Senate benefits by having these duties rotated and by providing this experience to a cross section of the body. It will provide for better communication between the Senate and the Executive Committee and a better understanding in the Senate of the duties of the Executive Committee. There is adequate talent in the Senate to rotate these positions on a regular basis. If any given individual is viewed as making an especially valuable contribution to the Executive Committee she/he could be elected to a different position after two years (i.e,. secretary rather than vice-chair). Additionally this two-year limit would provide for a more regularized change in leadership and allow the Senate and individual senators to anticipate this change and plan accordingly.

Bylaws are changed by a simple majority vote of the Senate. A proposed bylaw change must be introduced at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.

APPROVED - November 7-8, 2002

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