Adjusting Physical Capacity Enrollment Ceilings for Individual Campuses Through the Master Plan Revision Process

AS-2604-03/AA - March 6-7, 2003

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) recommend that the California State University Board of Trustees establish the following principles for adjusting enrollment ceilings within the systemwide physical capacity enrollment maximum as part of the master plan revision process:

  1. The process of increasing enrollment ceilings must originate at campus levels.
  2. A campus request to The California State University Board of Trustees for an increase in its enrollment ceiling shall include in its master plan revision process the following elements:
    1. A written explanation of how the increase in the physical capacity enrollment ceiling may impact such internal academic matters as campus mission; institutional identity; range and quality of academic programs; student mix; internal organization; library, faculty and staff resources; student/faculty ratios and campus cohesion.
    2. A recommendation by the campus senate regarding the request for an increase in the enrollment ceiling.

RATIONALE: The California State University is experiencing significant enrollment growth that is likely to continue in coming years. With increased enrollment pressure, there will be increased external pressure to raise enrollment capacity. It is essential that campuses control this process and that any increase in the campus enrollment ceiling occur in a fashion that maintains the academic integrity of the campus.

Increasing the enrollment ceiling of a campus requires a revision of the campus master plan and this involves reviewing the physical capacity of the campus. While the enrollment ceiling of a campus certainly depends on physical capacity, it also must be responsive to the internal academic goals of the institution, including such things as campus mission and institutional identity, the range and mix of academic programs, number of majors and student diversity, and internal organization and cohesion.

The Chancellor and the Board of Trustees agree that faculty and faculty senates must be consulted in enrollment management decisions. The Academic Senate CSU has passed several resolutions (AS-2482-00/AA and AS-2483-00/AA) emphasizing the role of the faculty in establishing enrollment management policy generally and enrollment ceilings specifically. The maximum size of a campus so affects the academic character of an institution that any request for an increase in its enrollment ceiling should not go forward without careful analysis and support from the Academic Senate and/or the general faculty.

A written explanation of how the increase in enrollment ceilings can be expected to affect the academic character of the campus will ensure that the campus has carefully considered this issue. A resolution from the Academic Senate or the general faculty supporting the enrollment ceiling increase guarantees faculty support and consultation on this issue.


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