Commendation of Sandy Parsons upon Retirement from the Statewide Academic Senate

AS-2617-03/San Marcos - May 8-9, 2003

WHEREAS, Sandy Parson has been an upstanding member of the ASCSU for 6 years: and

WHEREAS, Sandy has worked compulsively an education issues in the ASCSU; and

WHEREAS, Sandy has saved the best seats in the Senate Chamber for the San Marcos delegation; and

WHEREAS, Sandy has taken dedication to the Senate to new heights and commitment to committee members to new depths; and

WHEREAS, Total commitment to shared governance has been her trademark; and

WHEREAS, Sandy will greatly miss working the microphones in the Senate Chamber; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That Sandy Parsons be recognized by the Academic Senate CSU as a valued ex-officio member, in absentia, to perpetuity; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU wishes Sandy Parsons all the best in her future endeavors.

Approved by Acclamation – May 8-9, 2003

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