Tenure-Track Hiring in the Context of Reduced Budgets

AS-2624-03/FA - September 4-5, 2003

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) call upon the administration of the CSU to support, and individual campuses to undertake, a sufficient number of tenure-track faculty searches in 2003-04 and 2004-05 so that the number of fulltime-equivalent, tenure-track faculty will be no lower in September 2005 than it was in September 2003, systemwide.

RATIONALE: During the last state budget crisis in the early 1990s the CSU lost large numbers of tenure-track faculty who were not replaced. Initially this loss did not negatively impact the proportion of faculty who were on the tenure-track because many lecturers were not rehired or taught reduced loads as enrollments fell. But once the budget crisis passed, the proportion of tenure-track faculty plummeted dramatically and the CSU has yet to recover from this loss of permanent faculty. Further, the loss and non-replacement of tenure-track faculty in a number of cases did serious damage to the quality and viability of academic programs and the curriculum.

It is critical that this does not happen again as a consequence of the current budget crisis. The Academic Senate CSU, the CSU administration, and the California Faculty Association are all committed to increasing the proportion of teaching in the university performed by tenure-track/tenured-faculty. To meet this commitment the three parties have agreed to an eight-year plan that achieves the goals of ACR 73, which called upon the CSU to increase the proportion of fulltime-equivalent faculty who are on the tenure-track to 75%. It is both possible and desirable for the CSU and the individual campuses to, at a minimum, replace all departing tenure-track faculty with new tenure-track faculty so as to assure that the number of fulltime, equivalent, tenure-track faculty does not again decline.

APPROVED - September 4-5, 2003

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