Reopener Bargaining

AS-2625-03/FA - September 4-5, 2003

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) call upon the CSU administration and the California Faculty Association (CFA) to resume "reopener" bargaining negotiations as soon as possible in order to reach a mutually acceptable and timely settlement; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU transmit copies of this resolution to the Chancellor of the CSU and the President of the CFA.

RATIONALE: The CSU administration and the CFA began "reopener" bargaining in spring 2003. After several months of bargaining both sides reported several areas of agreement and progress on a few areas of continuing disagreement. The last bargaining session was held on July 9, after which the two sides agreed to postpone further discussions pending passage of a state budget and the July 15-16 meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees. No sessions have been held since and none are scheduled. In the context of the state budget crisis and the daunting challenges facing the CSU, a mutually acceptable agreement between the two sides based on good faith bargaining and open communication would be a positive development for the faculty and students of the CSU.

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY -- September 4-5, 2003

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