Honoring Diane Cummins, First Recipient of the Distinguished Legislative Staff Award

AS-2657-04/FGA - March 6-7, 2004

WHEREAS, Diane Cummins has provided expert fiscal and budget policy advice and guidance to policy makers in California for almost 30 years; and

WHEREAS, Diane Cummins has served with distinction as Chief Fiscal Policy Advisor to the President pro tempore of the California State Senate, the Senate's key budget staff person; and

WHEREAS, Prior to her current position, Diane Cummins served as Chief Deputy Director for Budgets and Deputy Director for Legislation for the State Department of Finance, capping a career of two decades in the Department; and

WHEREAS, Diane Cummins has given many hours to mentoring students, Fellows and interns, in the complexities of the budgetary policy-making process, giving her guidance, observations and insight freely and communicating her commitment to public service; and

WHEREAS, Diane Cummins is a frequent guest lecturer on budget issues to a variety of groups and public policy classes and has taught a graduate course on Public Budgeting at California State University, Sacramento; and

WHEREAS, Diane Cummins is an alumna of California State University, Sacramento; and

WHEREAS, Her career and contributions have demonstrated integrity, provided distinguished public service, and encouraged young people to pursue careers in public service; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University congratulate Diane Cummins as the first recipient of our Distinguished Legislative Staff Award to be presented on May 13, 2004.


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