Affirmation of Principles of Collegial Behavior

AS-2660-04/FA - March 6-7, 2004

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) affirm its belief in the principles of collegial behavior: candor in the discussion of professional matters, trustworthiness in the execution of professional duties and tasks, adherence to ethical standards of conduct assumed in all professional domains, "transparency" in decision-making processes, the other related demonstrations of professional maturity so often taken for granted but sometimes breached, and respect for differences in perspective.

RATIONALE: Major academic crises often have among their first casualties adherence to the ethos and to the high standards of interpersonal conduct that define collegial behavior. Lapses in collegial behavior often have painful, deep, and long-lasting (but avoidable) consequences that can weaken morale, erode personal relationships, constrain effective functioning of academic programs, and damage careers.

APPROVED - May 6-7, 2004

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