Diplomas for Double Majors

AS-2717-05/AA - September 16, 2005


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) assert that a studentís diploma should accurately reflect the baccalaureate accomplishments of that student; in particular, if a student simultaneously completes the requirements for two (or more) baccalaureate degrees prior to graduation, both (or all) of these programs should be listed on the studentís diploma; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU urge the Chancellor to direct the campuses of the CSU to issue diplomas that reflect these studentsí accomplishments. This directive would supersede AA 72-12.

RATIONALE: The Chancellorís Office requested that the Academic Senate CSU provide guidance on the issue of recording and recognizing ďdouble majorsĒ for students who complete baccalaureate degree requirements in two or more programs, particularly when two different types of programs are involved; e.g., a Bachelor of Arts program and a Bachelor of Science program.

Many universities in the U.S. allow for double majors. This occurs when students, who in the course of one undergraduate career, complete the requirements for two majors (e.g., history and English) that lead to the same type of degree (in this example, the BA) and typically receive a single bachelorís degree Ė a BA with majors in history and English. In some cases, a student completes the requirement for two majors (e.g., English and music performance) that have different types of bachelorís degrees (in this example a BA and a Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA]). Another example is the student who majors in English and mathematics, earning a BA in English and a BS in mathematics.

CSU statewide practice has been to require that students with a double major must choose a single degree to list on their diploma. Their transcripts do acknowledge both majors. The Academic Senate CSU strongly recommends that diplomas, as well as transcripts, should reflect the accomplishments of the students.

Thus if a student completed BA programs in both history and English, the diploma should read:

Bachelor of Arts with majors in History and English

A student who earns a BA in English and a BFA in music performance would have a diploma that reads:

Bachelor of Arts with a major in English
Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Music Performance

A student with a BA in English and a BS in mathematics would have a diploma that lists:

Bachelor of Arts with a major in English
Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics

The student should be consulted as to the order of listing on the diploma.

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