Re-instituting The CSU Academic Conference

AS-2732-06/FA - March 9-10, 2006

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) urge that the CSU reinstitute the Annual CSU Academic Conference; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU communicate the will of the Academic Senate CSU to Chancellor Charles B. Reed, and the Board of Trustees of the CSU.

RATIONALE: For 26 years, the California State University hosted an annual conference dedicated wholly to academic matters. The 26th Annual CSU Academic Conference, Quality Education through Diversity, in February/March 2001, was the last one held.
  • It would be timely to resume the Academic Conference.

  • This annual conference provides a unique opportunity for representatives from the CSU community to meet and discuss issues facing the CSU in a conference setting away from many of the distractions of daily university life. With all of the campuses involved, well-recognized leaders in the subject matter are invited to provide lectures, lead discussions and offer workshops on issues important to the CSU.

  • In the past, academic conferences have explored a variety of topics, including diversity, shared governance, service to the region, and high quality education. The academic conference provides the rare but very important opportunity for members of the Board of Trustees to meet with representatives of the academic community from all campuses -- administrators, faculty, staff and students -- to talk about ways of improving the CSU. At one conference, a prominent legislator, Dede Alpert, joined in the discussions and at another the chairs of both the UC and CCC senates attended. Many of the newer members of the BOT have not had the opportunity to attend a CSU Academic Conference nor to interact with members of the campus communities, on topics vital to the future of the university.

  • An important and continuing focus of the CSU for several years has been facilitating graduation. In addition to facilitating graduation is the equally important obligation of providing high quality education to an ever-increasing number of students. Exploring how best to serve more students and still maintain academic rigor and excellence would be a good theme or focus for such a conference.

APPROVED - May 4-5, 2006

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