In Support of AB 2581 (Protecting Student Freedom of Expression)

AS-2750-06/FGA - May 4-5, 2006


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) reaffirm its commitment to the principles of free speech rights, including the right to publish free of external constraints, as expressed in AS 2649-04/FA (attached); and be it further

RESOLVED: That as an application of these principles, the Academic Senate, CSU strongly urge passage of AB 2581, which would prohibit disciplinary sanctions by the CSU and other California public institutions of higher education against students on the basis of student speech or press activities that are protected by the California Constitution and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution; and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be communicated to Assembly Members Yee and Nation, the Assembly Higher Education Committee, the Senate Education Committee, and any other members of the legislature that FGA may deem appropriate.

RATIONALE: Under existing law the CSU, the University of California (UC), and California's community colleges are prohibited from disciplining students for engaging in speech-related activities outside the campus, as protected by the California Constitution or the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. AB 2581 (Yee and Nation) reaffirms these free speech rights and additionally extends these provisions to the student press. Additional background can be found in the April 24, 2006 letter of support for AB 2581 released by the California Newspaper Publishers Association (Attached).

The Academic Senate CSU in the past has affirmed its commitment to the principles of academic freedom, including freedom of speech and freedom to publish, particularly as they apply to faculty (AS 2649-04/FA). Recognizing that student freedom of expression is an essential component of higher education, the Academic Senate, CSU expresses its support for AB 2581.

Approved Unanimously - May 4-5, 2006

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