CSU Budget Principles for Academic Year 2008-09

AS-2796-07/FGA (Rev) - March 8-9, 2007

ATTACHMENT 1 to AS-2796-07/FGA (Rev)
ATTACHMENT 2 to AS-2796-07/FGA (Rev)
ATTACHMENT 3 to AS-2796-07/FGA (Rev)

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate California State University (CSU) endorse the following budget priorities, many of which were delineated in AS-2654-04/FGA, (CSU Budget Priorities for Academic Year 2005-06), AS-2694-05/FGA (CSU Budget Priorities for Academic Year 2006-07) and AS-2749-06/FGA (CSU Budget Priorities for Academic Year 2007-08) and call upon the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees (BOT) to secure the resources needed to ensure quality and authentic access for students seeking to graduate from the CSU:

  • provides for the long-term financial sustainability of the system and its campuses and reverses past reductions in state support for the CSU
  • provides funding sufficient to ensure all students of the CSU a high quality undergraduate and graduate education including resources to:
    1. hire, develop, and retain highly qualified tenured and tenure-track faculty;
    2. hire, develop, and retain highly qualified staff;
    3. provide effective student support services;
    4. Resolved: that the ASCSU urge the Chancellor and the BOT to enlist the assistance of the ASCSU, the CFA and other relevant CSU entities in educating and lobbying the Legislature and Governor for the funds needed for the CSU budget.
    5. provide financial aid at a level that allows students broad access to a high quality educational experience.
  • (1) raise faculty salaries to the level of California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) comparison universities and (2) raise staff salaries to comparable local market levels;
  • implement ACR 73;
  • address long-term needs for deferred maintenance and for enhanced technology and library resources;
  • eliminates the pass-through of substantial unfunded costs to the system’s campuses; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Chancellor and BOT consult with the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate CSU and the System Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC) during the summer of 2007 when developing the proposed CSU budget for 2008-09; and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be forwarded to the Governor, the leadership of the Legislature, the Chancellor, and the BOT.

RATIONALE: The CSU has experienced a severe reduction in funding over the past decade that jeopardizes the mission of the institution as delineated in the California Master Plan for Higher Education. The State’s fiscal crises, rising costs of operations and unfunded mandates have drained financial resources that previously were dedicated to the system’s primary mission of education. The 2007-08 preliminary budget specified over $950 million in “budget challenges” that will likely not be funded by the Legislature. Many of these challenges relate directly to the educational mission of the CSU and should be addressed in budgetary principles.

The above principles are intended to encourage the Chancellor, Board of Trustees, Governor, and Legislature to refocus the CSU budget on the educational mission of CSU for the future benefit of the citizens of the state of California.

Approved Unanimously - May 10-11, 2007

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