Concern over Delay in Governor’s Appointment of
CSU Faculty Trustee


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU urge the Governor of the State of California to move expeditiously and appoint the new CSU Faculty Trustee to ensure that CSU faculty have representation on the CSU Board of Trustees; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU send copies of this resolution to the Governor of the State of California, the Chancellor and other members of the Board of Trustees, and chairs of the Assembly Higher Education and Senate Education committees of the California State Legislature.

RATIONALE: The ASCSU conducted the posting, review, and interview process described in California Education Code Sections 66600-66609 and approved unanimously by the members of ASCSU on March 4, 1988, as part of, AS-1773-87/EX during the period September, 2008 to March, 2009. Adherence to the prescribed process resulted in a relatively diverse pool of four candidates. After several rounds of secret balloting, two candidates emerged as the clear choices of the members of the ASCSU to send forward to the Governor. The process described in the above referenced California Education Code specifies that a minimum of two candidates be sent forward and the ASCSU did forward, two names to the Governor.

In sum, the ASCSU search committee followed the process required in the appropriate Code and the ASCSU conducted a fair and secret ballot. Therefore, it remains for the Governor to complete the final stage of the process and select one of the two candidates as Faculty Trustee for the 2009-2011term. Since only one faculty trustee is appointed to the CSU Board of Trustees, it is critical during these difficult times to convey the faculty viewpoint to the Trustees. . The duration of this vacancy has left the faculty unrepresented on the board of Trustees for an unprecedented period.

Approved Unanimously – September 10-11, 2009

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