Establishment of an Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) Task Force to Study General Education


AS-3271-16/AA (Rev)

RESOLVED: Given that General Education (GE) is under the purview of the faculty, that the ASCSU form a task force to examine, offer suggestions, and report upon GE programs system-wide. This task force may engage in the following:


  • analyzing the data elicited by Coded Memorandum ASA-2016-19;
  • addressing the recommendations offered in recent documents related to GE, such as the 2025 Graduation Initiative, the Ethnic Studies Task Force Report, and the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report;
  • identifying best practices in communicating GE pathways and requirements to students and other stakeholders;
  • identifying best practices in assessing student learning outcomes in GE programs;
  • identifying ways to coordinate transferability of GE courses without sacrificing academic integrity or campus autonomy;
  • considering the establishment of a clearinghouse for GE resources;
  • providing information resources to communicate to external stakeholders about the value and goals of campus GE programs, policies, and practices; and
  • reviewing Executive Order 1100 and providing recommendations.

;and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU define the ideal membership of this task force to include:


  • The Chair of the Academic Senate CSU (co-chair),
  • The Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee (co-chair),
  • The Chair of the Academic Preparation and Education Programs
  • The Chair of the General Education Advisory Committee,
  • Two additional ASCSU Senators,
  • Two campus Faculty,
  • The Chair of the Board of Trustees (BOT) or designee,
  • The Faculty Trustee on the BOT,
  • A representative from the CSU Office of the Chancellor,
  • A representative from the University of California Senate,
  • A representative from the Community College Senate,
  • One or two student representatives from California State Student
    Association (CSSA).


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU request that any expenses associated with this task force be provided by the Office of the Chancellor; and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to the CSU Chancellor, CSU Board of Trustees, CSU Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, CSU Campus Senate Chairs, CSU Campus General Education (GE) Committee Chairs, CSU Provosts/Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, and the California State Student Association (CSSA).


RATIONALE: Engaging in an examination of General Education (GE) across the system as described in Executive Order 1100 (2015) is a prudent means by which we maintain currency and identify best practices across the system. In addition, GE is under increasing interest by external stakeholders, and has undergone recent changes within the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation guidelines. Because it is solely the purview of the faculty, it seems reasonable and healthy for the ASCSU to engage in an examination of GE every several years. The intent of this task force is to inform stakeholders, faculty, campuses, and the system about GE curriculum.


Approved – November 3-4, 2016


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