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RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) commend Chancellor Timothy P. White for hosting the CSU Academic Conference 2017, “Closing the Achievement Gap;” and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU acknowledge the hard work of the ASCSU Academic Conference Planning Team, most especially Praveen Soni (Chair) and Bill Eadie (Local Host), ASCSU staff, staff in the CSU Office of the Chancellor and the President and staff of San Diego State University (SDSU) in coordinating and scheduling the 2017 Academic Conference; and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU thank the Trustees, campus presidents and provosts, campus vice presidents for student affairs and students who attended the conference for their support and dedication to furthering shared governance and collaborative efforts to close the achievement gap; and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU thank Diane Ravitch and Tia Brown McNair for their stimulating and thought provoking presentations at the conference; and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU encourage Chancellor White to continue to host the CSU Academic Conference biennially to encourage the CSU and its partners to, “…think outside the box, dream bigger, and to share this community’s diverse talents and insights to strengthen the CSU;”1 and be it further


RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to Dr. Tia Brown McNair, Dr. Diane Ravitch, the CSU Board of Trustees, CSU Chancellor Timothy White, CSU campus Presidents, CSU campus Senate Chairs, CSU Provosts, California Faculty Association (CFA), California State Student Association (CSSA) and Campus Associated Students, Inc. Presidents, Members of the ASCSU Conference Planning Team, SDSU President Elliot Hirshman, and the Chancellor’s Office staff and SDSU staff involved in planning the conference (see below).


RATIONALE:  The February 2017 CSU Academic Conference continues a tradition of bringing together members of the Board of Trustees, campus Presidents and Provosts, faculty, students and CSU partners to engage in thoughtful and collaborative exchange about our achievements and the challenges that face us as we strive to provide a public higher education characterized by quality, access and affordability. The theme for the 2017 conference, “Closing the Achievement Gap,” highlights the CSU’s commitment to equity as it engages in ongoing efforts to provide not only an excellent education but a path to achieve it for all students accepted into the university. The ASCSU thanks Chancellor White, the ASCSU Conference Planning Team, Chancellor’s Office staff, the President and staff of San Diego State University, the conference keynote speakers and all attendees for their contributions in making the conference a success.


A special thanks to the following individuals whose dedication and commitment resulted in an excellent event:


ASCSU Academic Conference Planning Team: Kevin Baaske (Los Angeles), Karen Davis (Monterey Bay), Bill Eadie (San Diego), Thomas Krabacher (Sacramento), and Praveen Soni (Planning Team Chair, Long Beach);


CSU Office of the Chancellor: Leo Van Cleve, Assistant Vice Chancellor, International and Off Campus Program; Sue Copeland, Executive Assistant; Lars Walton, Executive Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor; Dave Stanton, Event Coordinator and University State House Manager; Cynthia Wyatt, Manager – Conference Services; Kelsey Magnusen and the Chancellor’s Office Communications Team;


San Diego State University: Flora Elman, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Events Planner; Lauren Duran, Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center Event Coordinator;


ASCSU staff: Tracy Butler, Director; and Carrie Kato, Administrative Support Specialist.




Approved Unanimously – March 16-17, 2017





1 Chancellor Timothy White, “Welcome,” The CSU Academic Conference and Retreat 2017 Program, p.2.




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