Commendation in Honor of Academic Senator Steven Frye

AS-3301-17/CSU Bakersfield Delegation

WHEREAS, Senator Steven Frye has served with distinction as senator from CSU, Bakersfield since 2014; and

WHEREAS, Senator Frye has published two books while on the senate and has another one forthcoming (not to mention his many other books that have made him a reputable scholar and teacher); and

WHEREAS, Senator Frye is President of the Cormac McCarthy Society; and

WHEREAS, Senator Frye contributed enormously to the intellectual climate of the Academic Affairs Committee with his wisdom, precision of language, and great wit; and

WHEREAS, Senator Frye has contributed both to the state and to his campus with his sense of integrity, courage of speech, knowledge of education; and

WHEREAS, the ASCSU has benefited from Senator Frye’s collegiality, relaxed personality, and unpretentious demeanor; be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU thank Senator Frye for his service to the ASCSU and the CSU; and be it finally

RESOLVED: That we wish Steve well as he continues to contribute to his campus as Chair of the English Department and to the CSU in years to come.


Approved by Acclamation –  May 18-19, 2017



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