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  • "Just great minds thinking together from all areas of CSU was great."  -Conference Participant
  • "I watched trustees, faculty and administrators have animated conversations with students and each other. It was truly impressive." -Conference Participant
  • "I had great chats with a number of people from students to presidents. It made one feel part of the CSU, not just our own campus." -Conference Participant
  • "It was a mix of CSU constituents that I have not been part of before." -Conference Participant
  • "This is a step toward solidarity among all the segments of shareholders in the system. We need to believe ourselves to be a family--albeit large--that must fight for our place, our recognition, and our success." -Conference Participant

2014 CSU Academic Conference

The 2014 CSU Academic Conference, held on November 13-14 at the Hilton Long Beach, centered on the theme, “It’s All About Our Students”. Professionals from across the university gathered to discuss advancing the CSU’s mission of providing students with access to excellent higher education through dialogue that emphasized long-term planning. Keynote speakers focused on technology and degrees of inequality that affect students in higher education.

The CSU Academic Conference is a biennial event that brings professionals across the CSU together to shape the future of the nation’s largest and most diverse university system. Presentations are intended to encourage dialogue among the Board of Trustees, campus presidents, students, faculty and others. Watch for details on the 2016 conference.

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