Exemption for Administrative Credential Candidates
From Duplicate Degree Tuition


WHEREAS, The California State University has long had a commitment to providing leadership for K-12 education in California; and

WHEREAS, The California State University Board of Trustees has adopted a policy framework, California State University and  the Schools, Partners for Success,  for CSU's relationship to the schools in California; and

WHEREAS, An important mission of the CSU is to serve as the gateway for  individuals from historically underrepresented groups to gain access to careers and leadership roles in education; and

WHEREAS, Individuals from underrepresented groups who seek to serve California and the students of the state in its public schools should be encouraged rather than penalized for these aspirations; and

WHEREAS, The administrative credential is required to hold a leadership position within the public schools; and

WHEREAS, One can earn an administrative credential either in a doctoral program at a UC or private institution or in a CSU master's degree program; and

WHEREAS, AB 39 exempts doctoral programs or master's that lead to a doctoral degree, but specifically applies to CSU administrative master's and post-master's degree programs; and

WHEREAS, Such a policy has a disparate and negative impact by imposing duplicate degree tuition on CSU administrative credential candidates; and

WHEREAS, AB 39 imposes obstacles and closes the gate to individuals from underrepresented groups who have found access primarily in the CSU as candidates for this credential; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge that the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees seek corrective legislation to exempt administrative credential candidates from duplicate degree tuition.

Approved Unanimously – November 4-5, 1993


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