Commendation for Carol Barnes

AS-2242-94/CSUF Del.


WHEREAS, Carol Barnes now takes her leave from the Academic Senate, CSU, bringing to a conclusion four successful terms in both representing the Fullerton campus and making marvelous contributions to statewide policy for The California State University; and

WHEREAS, Carol Barnes has chosen to attend her last statewide senate plenary on November 4, 1994, a day noted as the birth anniversary of Will Rogers and as the wedding anniversary of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, but whose real significance is that it falls four days before the November 8, 1994 general election and eleven days before the November 15, 1994 report to the legislature from the Department of Finance on the state’s fiscal condition; and

WHEREAS, Neither Lincoln’s wedding anniversary nor Will Rogers’ birthday would justify Carol in saying, Apres-moi, le deluge, but the November 15th deadline might; and

WHEREAS, Since the deluge is coming anyway, we say Apres-Carol we might as well ALL get into the initiative mania that seems to govern California these days anyway; now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate, CSU, thank and commend Carol for her outstanding efforts on behalf of sound academic and professional principles, insight in governmental affairs, leadership in teacher education policymaking, and articulation of the principles of the Party of Lincoln, and wish her every good success in her future committee that will oversee accreditation for teacher education programs – surely a good place for utilizing Carol’s many talents; and  be it finally

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU endorse and commend to the People of the State of California the attached Proposition 711 (the ‘Seven-Come-Eleven’ initiative), which, if they’re lucky, will be adopted forthwith.

Approved by Acclamation - November 3-4, 1994

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