Commendation for Robert Ediger

AS-2283-95/Chico Del.

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger has served with distinction and weathered the  storms of most Academic Senate standing committees and has stood at the helm  of the Teacher Education Committee for two years; and

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger's devotion to steering through the stormy statewide seas of teacher education have included long years of service on many CTC committees; and 

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger has peerlessly mastered the arcana of jargon, edubabble, and gobbledygosh that accompanies work with the CTC and the legislature in all their works and pomps; and 

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger's lifelong commitment to quality teaching and faculty governance has stood him well on the stormy seas and high winds of 12 years of statewide Academic Senate service; and

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger has served as mentor for certain flamboyant junior Senators who, without his steady hand, might have gone further astray; and, 

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger has been one of the hardy few, that band of Spartans, that has held the pass at the Beachtown against the hordes deserting to the Hyatt, Hilton, and other places of decadence; and

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger has actively maintained a database of great eateries––from Johnny Reb's through the Williamsburg, and Jay's to Super Mex––in Long Beach; and

WHEREAS, Bob Ediger has long been considered a distinguished and reliable patron of the Park Pantry; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University offer its heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for Senator Robert Ediger's many distinguished years of productive service; and be it further 

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU wish for Senator Bob Ediger the  wind at his back, calm seas, the joy of plotting new courses, and never ending horizons as he sets his sails for seas beyond the ASCSU.

Approved by Acclamation - May 4-5, 1995

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