Resolution of Commendation for Senator Homero Yearwood

AS-2289-95/Sonoma Del.

WHEREAS, As an expert in the field of criminal justice, Senator Yearwood has no doubt observed familiar themes being played out at 400 Golden Shore; and

WHEREAS, Homero has served steadfast as a voice of reason on the floor of the Senate; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yearwood has added grace and stature to the Hyatt Regency Club normally frequented illegally by other senators; and

WHEREAS, Senator Yearwood has been able to use his knowledge of the criminal mind to anticipate much of the Senate's behavior and guide us accordingly; and

WHEREAS, Homero could be counted upon to put to rest half-baked ideas while he himself was rated for his appreciation of only the most properly prepared cuisine; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That Homero Yearwood, gourmet, epicurean, raconteur, good companion, and a most effective member of the Academic Senate is commended in five years of exemplary service in the Academic Senate of the California State University.

Approved by Acclamation - May 4-5, 1995

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